Women are superheroes – Mom

Did you know that compared to men’s 7000 words, a woman speaks about 20 000 words a day?

This is no coincidence, because the power of life is in the tongue so she spends the day speaking a safe universe in existence for her children to stay

She is woman, a mother, the stretch marks are nothing more than rich wells of birth pains, yet she dares to walk with the strength of a thousand feet

Out of her, a generation of greatness is birthed, single and unemployed but that’s not how you spell defeat

She knows full well that she will be desired by others only if she desires herself

She fights against the odds, what is rejection if not a passing wind, speak not of love coz she is all that by herself

They say alongside every successful man is a faithful woman so ultimately alongside every successful women, is herself

She stands not for singular reasons but for a conglomerate of women

She is a Wife, a Mother, a Pillar, a foundation, a corporate figure, she is super woman

She breaks free from the cage of gender stereotypes

A goddes amongst men, a collection of meteorites

Breaking the chains of social injustice that restricts her from reaching her dreams and aspirations

Her name is woman, who else do you know with the strength to raise a nation

This is for my mother, the woman I owe my life to, through whom I learned all of my life lessons

She taught me to never covet, celebrate other people’s achievements and always thank God no matter how big or small the blessings

Women are times-less but sadly not immortal

God should an extra day to every human that they fought for

This is for the Rosa Namises and every child that’ she cared for

This is for the heroic Kakurukaze Mungunda and her choice to not play it careful

For the queen that breaks her back to make sure that her kids have a plate full

She’s all in one, a queen and a servant

She can afford to pay respect because first she earned it

She doesn’t see black and white, she sees the colors of equality

She carries herself in modesty, covered in the shade of democracy

She is more than a figure or shape as perceived by many, look past her beautiful lashes

She’s been tired and tried, through the furnace of life, she arose with crown of beauty not ashes

She is woman, and she will always be priceless

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