She was 23, they blamed her rape on her skirt

The vast majority of women are just walking scared

They live suppressed by relatives under a daunting threat

She’s just a orphan kid, what won’t she do for bread?

You can’t imagine the emotions that this leaner bottles

We didn’t forget the injustice of Magdalena Stoffels

Fighting for Juanita Mabula till the anger topples

We want justice for Avihe as we enter law courts

Somebody said on Twitter, women should dress better

My counter argument is this, should her dress matter?

What about this babies and toddlers when they get murdered?

We’re quick to comment when we are not the ones burdened

This is for Jane Fonda, Oprah Winfrey at nine

This is for victim shaming, it’s over the line

This is for Tyler Perry and Shia LaBeouf

All I have is a Godly hug, a shower of love

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