Rest In Peace Wilhelm

Let the rain wash away the pain of yesterday

I really hated seeing you just wither away

Your friends with serpent tendencies, they just slither away

Sometimes I’m up at night, thinking, was there another away

Should I have spoken to you sooner before the fade away?

Would I have halted the overdosing you did that day?

We was 13, remember the games we used to play?

Your home was hell, the place where your molester used to stay

You told your mom in grade 9, she never said a word

She told you not tarnish the name of your step dad

You told me this in tears at UN plaza and I felt that

I was not gon write about this, I just want my friend back

15 years have gone bro, since the day you left me

My hearts been really burdened, sometimes I blame your family

I celebrate your birthdays, this year you would be thirty

Rest In Peace Wilhelm, I’m sorry they did you dirty


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