Rest In Peace Wilhelm

Let the rain wash away the pain of yesterday

I really hated seeing you just wither away

Your friends with serpent tendencies, they just slither away

Sometimes I’m up at night, thinking, was there another away

Should I have spoken to you sooner before the fade away?

Would I have halted the overdosing you did that day?

We was 13, remember the games we used to play?

Your home was hell, the place where your molester used to stay

You told your mom in grade 9, she never said a word

She told you not tarnish the name of your step dad

You told me this in tears at UN plaza and I felt that

I was not gon write about this, I just want my friend back

15 years have gone bro, since the day you left me

My hearts been really burdened, sometimes I blame your family

I celebrate your birthdays, this year you would be thirty

Rest In Peace Wilhelm, I’m sorry they did you dirty



She was 23, they blamed her rape on her skirt

The vast majority of women are just walking scared

They live suppressed by relatives under a daunting threat

She’s just a orphan kid, what won’t she do for bread?

You can’t imagine the emotions that this leaner bottles

We didn’t forget the injustice of Magdalena Stoffels

Fighting for Juanita Mabula till the anger topples

We want justice for Avihe as we enter law courts

Somebody said on Twitter, women should dress better

My counter argument is this, should her dress matter?

What about this babies and toddlers when they get murdered?

We’re quick to comment when we are not the ones burdened

This is for Jane Fonda, Oprah Winfrey at nine

This is for victim shaming, it’s over the line

This is for Tyler Perry and Shia LaBeouf

All I have is a Godly hug, a shower of love

Bitter Truth

Franklin Shitaleni

I learned two things this morning, one is that caring for someone is conditioned on the basis of benefit

Two, If there’s an aspect of your life that brings you joy outside that persons perimeter, than that becomes the end of it

I relatively don’t relate to relatives that stick around for benefits

There’s only friend I can relate to anyway…

Hello pain my good old friend…

For a moment there I thought I lost you but we clearly have a bond that would never end…

I saw joy about two weeks ago, that’s not particularly true coz I have no idea how joy looks like…

I’ve searched for her in the thought patterns of authors especially in the love books type…

I hate how you make me feel but it appears you are the only one that actually cares…

Here’s what’s messed up, even if you buy expensive fabric, over a long period of time, it eventually tears…

As far as my life goes, Nothing good has been known to last

I’m a true depiction of a social miscarriage but I know that this too shall pass

I’m the it’s not you it’s me type with potential to kill the beginning of a good thing before it actually starts

The parable phrase handler

Choke a life out of a thing strangler

Take whatever life throws at you settler

All other sorts of life quotes, etcetera etcetera

See I was told to see change even in its absence, oh how I wish that was my next position

There’s only one person on the face of the earth that comprehensively gets me like an exposition

I used to think I’m socially awkward

Until I realized I’m actually forward

I hate company as much I love a crowd around me

There’s a difference, one is deliberate and intentional while the other has nothing to say about me

I got no boundaries, and the ones I attempted to erect are made of plastic bags

What good is a long walk to mental freedom if you simply used prostatic legs?

See I pen down my emotions for the masses to listen

But I have none left except for this emotionally dead images and how their caskets are sinking

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?…

I would have loved to say I pray but that won’t be true coz the first thing I do is have that good old traditional bantu man yawning

Some people reach for their phones, old folks reach for their teeth, repetition of life becomes boring…

The human in us that fears rejection takes a few likes on our social media pictures online as a warning..

I can never love you enough to fully understand what love is

Plus broken pieces of glass glued together will always slip a leak, I hope you understand what that means

I have met wonderful people in this brief life of mine, unfortunately some of whom became bygones

Love your neighbor as you love yourself is a concept that died the day human beings started to buy guns

This world is no longer good enough to appreciate someone or say I love you without being considered as having ulterior motives

But I hate being put in a corner like a letter stamp, I’m a firm believer in that good old school friendship, that’s where my interior hope is

Maybe I hide my insecurities behind sentences I thought or perhaps I’m genuinely misunderstood

So I keep my ear to the ground for generational life lessons, I’m K.DOT, Damn, 8, grounded like what’s underfoot

The need to be understood comes with expectations and I’m talking plenty

But the joy that comes with the peace of mind of knowing I no longer have to explain myself is comforting and steady

I get it, finding someone that’s genuine about ones emotional state is not trendy

But How do you explain the overwhelming feeling of dejavu like you’ve met this person already

Social inclusion is one hell of a drug, the bastard child of insecurity, it’s there for a while and than watch it vanish

I have learned in a week what many years couldn’t establish

What I keep as a souvenir in my house is the knife that fake friends use to stab others in the back with

Being socially awkward has its perks, i catch on slow like a tortoise, I tear toys of those that don’t share toys, in other words I’m the kid they didn’t wanna play with

I’m not anti social, I’m simply on a different orbit, I roller skate around Jupiter, it’s funny, I don’t trust people, especially the institutions I bank with

It’s sad when you’re misunderstood even by the people you stay with

So there she sat, at the stairs of a media house with little knowledge of what she’d become

And I didn’t plan to react like glue, yet she stuck on me so whatever this is, may it’s intentions be done

I used to think that the concept of love at first sight is redundant

When something is too good to be true it eventually vanishes from you

All we carry are memory filled briefcases, pain and no sense of belief like what an unbeliever would do

What was I thinking? That I’m the exception to the rule?

How could I love you truly if I never knew to love

How would you know that I don’t really love you if you are new to love

Coz even if I loved you truly than it’s never good enough.

This word has been reduced to pleasure and chocolate carbs

How do we claim love if we walking around with broken hearts

I’ve got a drum loud enough to wake sleeping love

I’m by myself but I’m thinking what you are thinking of

I bet if I bought a butterfly, it better fly

This black and army color, took me straight to war

How do you define a feeling that you’ve never felt before

Maybe you’re scared to love truly coz you’ve been hurt before

And honesty I get you, coz I’ve been there before

Life and love are equal ain’t no such thing as a love life

A love song and a song for love, is similar if you write right

Weight Issues

Babe, although you don’t say it, I know my weight is a problem so I’ll lose weight for you

That broken mirror in our room represents fractions of my broken confidence, you probably realized that when you work late I no longer wait for you

I’m afraid my plus size is titanic to your slim fit, so I hike avalanches to slim down enough to stand next to you

A small apartment was better, coz although we drifted apart, the confinement of that small space was not so huge

There I go again, subconsciously making weight statements, let’s be honest my weight is exactly where I lost you

Women are superheroes – Mom

Did you know that compared to men’s 7000 words, a woman speaks about 20 000 words a day?

This is no coincidence, because the power of life is in the tongue so she spends the day speaking a safe universe in existence for her children to stay

She is woman, a mother, the stretch marks are nothing more than rich wells of birth pains, yet she dares to walk with the strength of a thousand feet

Out of her, a generation of greatness is birthed, single and unemployed but that’s not how you spell defeat

She knows full well that she will be desired by others only if she desires herself

She fights against the odds, what is rejection if not a passing wind, speak not of love coz she is all that by herself

They say alongside every successful man is a faithful woman so ultimately alongside every successful women, is herself

She stands not for singular reasons but for a conglomerate of women

She is a Wife, a Mother, a Pillar, a foundation, a corporate figure, she is super woman

She breaks free from the cage of gender stereotypes

A goddes amongst men, a collection of meteorites

Breaking the chains of social injustice that restricts her from reaching her dreams and aspirations

Her name is woman, who else do you know with the strength to raise a nation

This is for my mother, the woman I owe my life to, through whom I learned all of my life lessons

She taught me to never covet, celebrate other people’s achievements and always thank God no matter how big or small the blessings

Women are times-less but sadly not immortal

God should an extra day to every human that they fought for

This is for the Rosa Namises and every child that’ she cared for

This is for the heroic Kakurukaze Mungunda and her choice to not play it careful

For the queen that breaks her back to make sure that her kids have a plate full

She’s all in one, a queen and a servant

She can afford to pay respect because first she earned it

She doesn’t see black and white, she sees the colors of equality

She carries herself in modesty, covered in the shade of democracy

She is more than a figure or shape as perceived by many, look past her beautiful lashes

She’s been tired and tried, through the furnace of life, she arose with crown of beauty not ashes

She is woman, and she will always be priceless